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 Iridiology Text

Iridology is the science that studies the iris and related diseases and disease trends of the individual.
Iridologist diagnosis includes a photograph of the iris and a report from the signs observed.
The first fact is the constitution to hold general (iris blue, brown, and later mixed subtypes) that gives us an idea of the general trend of the individual. Then there are signs overall and tissue structure, pigmentation, or signs of a nervous character, ending with local signs that indicate specific affectations of the various organs.
A special branch is Sclerology iridology or study of the white of the eye and its small capillaries, which can give us a pretty good idea of the circulatory status of the individual. Varicose veins, vascular stiffening, tendency to bleeding or complications dela taking contraceptives or other drugs are some of the diagnostic data that allows us the observation of the sclera.


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