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Hidrología y Crenoterapia

Waters have medicinal properties, and Hydrology studies its properties. Crenotherapy is a branh of Hydrology that studies termal and specific medicinal waters. Water is not only till 80% of our weight, but also has a cleansing and regenerating effect of the body. Special waters, like that we can find in spas and thermal installations have specific indications over digestive, bones, skin,etc. diseases. The indications are so many.

Hydrotherapy is one of the basis of Natural Healing, stimulating body and mind, and enhancing the vessels and is in the basis of cures for many diseases. Brushings, douches, baths, plasters are in the basis of treatment of Natural medicine and in the Medicine of all the times.

Dr Berdonces studied Hydrology in the french University of Montpellier, and has the degree of Hydrologist, the Doctroal thesis por achieving the Ph.D. degree is entitled "Mineral waters of Pyrenees", with an unification of the love for waters with the love for the Pyrenees mountains, where he lives. This Thesis was awardwd by the International Hydrology Society with Aptum "cum laude". You can find the references in  the library of Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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