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Phyotherapy studies Medicinal plants. Dr. Berdonces is a prolific author of Phytotherapy books, including two great books that are among the biggest and more extensive in Spanish and in all the world (with 612 and 1200 plants, respectively). The Encyclopaedia of Medicinal plants (Third millenium Dioscorides) it's a reference work with 612 plants of all the world, and includes botany, ethnobotany, indications, uses, composition and related species of each plant.  Now in Press, the newest work "Plantas medicinales" is an exhaustive recopilation of Medicinal Plants with the most complete Medicinal flora of South and North America, the most complete in today bibliography, with more than 1600 referenced species.

Dr. Berdonces is a plant enthusiast and has travelled over three continents (Europe, America and Africa) looking for plants and botanic gardens (see the specific section for botanic gardens in this page), making pictures and references for more thand 10.000 species and more than 150.000 pictures.

You can find his books in the section of this webpage.

Dr. Berdonces is founder membre of the Spanish Society of Phytotherapy (SEFIT).

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