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Great Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants




 Gran enciclopedia de las plantas medicinales



 This Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants exposes 612 Medicinal Plants around the world, giving the vernacular names (spanish, english, french, german, catalan....), latin scientific denomination, and properties. It includes hundreds of pictures tof the plants and related species, aken by the author. It is explained, of every plant, the history, discovering, uses, medicinal virtues, preparations, plant description, chemical composition and related species.

There are adaptations of old writings like Andres de Laguna's "Dioscorides" (printed in 1555) and others, signaling the uses of the plant in middle age societies. It finishes with extensive indexes (alphabetic, by properties, by families, etc.

A very useful book for all plant lovers, and for everyone who wants to use it in home treatments, written by one of the best specialists in Medicinal Plants. Only in Spanish.


Datos editoriales
Editorial:  Tikal
ISBN: 8478716025 / 84-7871-602-5
EAN:  9788478716029
Precio: 54€


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